By connecting you directly or indirectly to the site " (through a link or of a timekeeper of domain) and generally on any site of "Terroirs de Provence" named "the producer" you accept the present general conditions and agree to be connected there.

Article 1.Object.

The present conditions establish a sale contract, and define rights and obligations of the producer and the customer for the sale of the products referenced on the site or all other medium emitted by Terroirs de Provence.

Article 2.Signing order.

The customer orders according to the indications provided by Terroirs de Provence on the order form. He or she must inform the producer on his or her identity, address, phone,e-mail (etc...). The customer must give exact and sincere informations.

The customer declares to have capacity to contract, he or she declares to be major and indicates his or her birthdate in the appropriate form. Orders are not accepted and contract validated until the payment is completed and accepted by Terroirs de Provence.

Article 3. Prices.

Applicable prices are the current prices on the site on the day of the order. Prices are presented in Euros.Terroirs de Provence shall apply the current tax rules that are applicable in France on the day of the order.

The amount indicated at the end of validation of the order form encloses the fixed price of transport and packaging, calculated according to the country selected by the customer. In case of an obvious error in the registration, Terroirs de Provence shall have the right to change the amount debited on the credit card of the customer.

Article 4. Description and presentation of products.

The customer accepts and recognizes that any illustration given as an exemple can slightly differ from the reality. As a consequence, illustration is renowned not contractual. On the other hand, Terroirs de Provence brought a particular care to the texts of presentation of the products.

Article 5: Payment rules.

The regulation(payment) of the commands(orders) is made by bank card (CB, Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard) through a connection reassured(secured) and coded ( SSL). Or your account PayPal.

The relative data at your choice banking of the customer are kept(preserved) only during the time(weather) necessary for the treatment of the command(order).

Article 6: Return policy.

According to the Code de la Consommation and to the Directive 97/7 CE of May 20, 1997 relative to sale with distance, the customer can return products for exchange or reimbursment within seven days from the delivery without fine. If the bought product is contained in a sealed can, the customer will not be able to claim this return policy after opening the product.

The right of retraction does not apply to perishable products. Within the terms of the return policy, Terroirs de Provence will pay off the customer by check within a period of 30 days after the product has been checked. The customer is in charge of the quality of packaging and insurance covering breakage. Any return other than prepaid freight will be accepted.

Article 7: Transport, Delivery.

Products are delivered in France to the address indicated by the customer in the order form within a period of 2 to 8 working days from the acceptance of the order. In case of absence of the addressee, the carrier will deposit a delivery advise at the address of delivery. In case of deterioration of products due to a late withdrawn at the carrier, Terroirs de Provence will not be responsible.

Article 8: Transfer of risks.

The transfer of risks on products occurs when Terroirs de Provence has remitted them to the carrier. The customer takes all responsability for transportation of products sold.

Article 9: Reserve during the reception.

The customer can only make reserves at the delivery of the products in case of not corresponding quantity or in case the parcel would be strongly damaged, scotch-taped or apparently unpacked and packed again. These reserves must be made in writing with the carrier during the delivery, or at the latest on the day of this delivery by letter with acknowledgement of reception.

A copy of these reserves must be sent to Terroirs de Provence Customer Service by e-mail or fax 24 hours at the latest after these reserves were made. It belongs to the customer to send confirmation by the carrier of the reality of these reserves.

No return is accepted. If the procedure above is respected, Terroirs de Provence will be able to make a new delivery or pay off the customer for the damaged product. If delivery is lower in quantity than quantity ordered, Terroirs de Provence will deliver the complementary quantity wthin a period of 30 days from the emergence of the dispute.

Terroirs de Provence will not be responsible for a delayed delivery in the following cases: delay depending on the responsability of the carrier when the products were remitted on time by Terroirs de Provence, delay because of a strike, because of a loockout of transportation means, administrative decision, or all other circumstance that would delay or prevent the delivery.

Article 10: Guaranteed, Limitations.

Terroirs de Provence guarantees that products are made in France, according to rigorous criteria and that all necessary care was taken to marke sure they are conform. Terroirs de Provence also guarantees that products are fresh and of very good quality when they are remitted to the carrier.

These are the guaranty rules applied by Terroirs de Provence. No other warranty is granted. In particular, no guarantee is given that products answer specific expectation of the customer.

Terroirs de Provence guarantees also that products are fresh and of very good quality when they are remitted to the carrier. In particular, no guarantee is given that products answer a specific expectation of the customer. The products fabricated or packaged according to a specific demand of the customer are not exchanged or paid back.

The customer is responsible for the given indications relative to these products.The customer is entirely responsible for the choice of products of their conservation as from the delivery and their use. Whatever the possible motive for the questioning of the responsibility of Terroirs de Provence, this is limited to price paid for the order.

Article 11: Confidentiality of personal data (our CNIL registration number: n°725578).

Data collected through the order form are intended for a computerised treatment. These data will not be communicated to anyone. According to article 34 of the law of January 6, 1978, the customer has a right of access and modification on personal data. This right can be used through:

Article 12: Incapacity, adequate jurisdiction.

If some of the present General Conditions must be declared not applicable or invalidated for some reason, validity of the other conditions will not be affected. Terroirs de Provence coult not be declared responsible for any absence of acomplishment that would emerge from situations impossible to control, such as war, revolt, uprising, interruption of transport, problem of import or export, strike, lockout, scarcity, fire, earthquake, storm, flood (this list is not considered limitative).

The present General Conditions are exclusively definited according to the French law. The Aix s court of justice will only be competent for any dispute concerning them.